Huggy Wuggy


Huggy Wuggy is the main antagonist in the horror video game “Poppy Playtime.”  The influence of Huggy Wuggy can sow dangerous seeds of fear or violence into the minds of children. There is also now another character named Kissy Wissy. Please see the below links to understand the violence of Huggy Wuggy.

Here are some links for you to see what Huggy Wuggy is for yourself:

– “Adult Version”


– “Kid Version” (While it may appear initially harmless, the roots are not.)


Also, here are some of the lyrics to the original game track song:


My name’s Huggy Wuggy

Though I don’t get hungry

I still want to taste you

Just a tiny bite


My name’s Huggy Wuggy

Body fuzzy and cuddly

Don’t you wanna come and hug me?

Hug me ‘till you die


When he hugs you, he’ll never stop

Your friend Huggy, Huggy, Wuggy

He’ll squeeze you until you pop.