Grades 1-12Covenant Learning Model

– Direct Instruction Days (T/W/Th): 8:45am-3:15pm
– Guided Instruction Days (M/F): about 2-4 hrs. of work per day

Grace Academy will offer a non-traditional, multiage educational model for students entering grades 1-12. Under this Covenant Learning Model, parents and teachers covenant together in the educational process to ensure consistency of life and learning at school, home, and church, in order to effectively equip children to excel in life preparation, in further education, and in the development of Christ-like character.  

The Covenant Learning Model (CLM) allows for greater partnership with parents in their child’s educational development while providing greater flexibility and adaptation to the specific needs of students in the class and ensures that students meet all grade-level requirements.


CLICK HERE to view a document that outlines some of the key characteristics of the Covenant Learning Model. 

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