TV show Just Add Magic.


Our goal is to glorify God in everything we say and do and to be an example to those around us. Our school policies are designed to serve as a guide to students and their parents. Inevitably, situations arise that need additional clarity. One such issue that has come up this year is in regard to a TV show call Just Add Magic.


This is a TV show about some teenage girls who encounter an ancient mysterious cookbook involving magic. This show includes concepts related to buying magical ingredients to create “spells,” putting curses on people, and other such things related to magic. Though shows like this may seem innocent or harmless, this is not always the case. Things like this are in direct conflict with truths in God’s Word, and can lead children onto a path away from God rather than towards Him.


Recently, we have had to speak with a few students who were collecting “magical ingredients” during recess and “casting spells.” When asked about where these ideas came from, they told us about the show Just Add Magic. The teachers have talked with students about this in an effort to help them understand it is not appropriate. Since this matter was affecting multiple students, I am bringing it to your attention and asking for your help with this matter.


We realize that many times parents are simply unaware of these things. We are all learning and growing, and we are here to help. We encourage you to use this as a wonderful opportunity to speak with your children about the influences in their lives.


My intent is not to cast judgment on anyone, but rather to eliminate potential distractions or conflict at school to ensure an environment conducive for growth and learning. Therefore, please be aware of this matter and talk with your children as needed. Spiritual things are real – but the enemy seeks to deceive whomever he can. We are here to partner with you in ensuring your children are led on the right path, for the glory of God!